Illuminate Your Space with Flex Champ
The Next-Generation Neon Solution

Brighter, More Flexible, and Eco-Friendly LED Tubing

Product Features


Step into the future of lighting with Flex Champ, promising unparalleled brightness that outshines traditional neon lights, bringing a sparkle to every space.


Bend it, shape it, the way you want it! Flex Champ offers unrivaled flexibility, encouraging you to unleash your creativity and design the most intricate patterns with ease.

Energy Efficient

Be kind to your wallet and the planet! Opt for the energy-efficient marvel that is Flex Champ, reducing energy bills and fostering a greener earth.


Invest in lighting that stands the test of time. Flex Champ promises longevity, lighting up your spaces beautifully for years to come.

Product Variants

Side Bend Mini

0.48” 0.24” R1.18”
Available Colors:

Side Bend

0.31” 0.40” 0.67” R3.15”
Available Colors:

Side Bend RGB

0.59” 0.47” 0.98” R4.72”

Top Bend

0.39” 0.39” R2.36”
Available Colors:

Use Cases

Home Decor

Transform your home into a haven of warmth and wonder, with Flex Champ bringing a personalized touch to every room.

Business Signage

Let your business shine brighter than ever with captivating and professional signage designed with Flex Champ.

Architectural Highlights

Enhance the structural beauty of buildings and landscapes. Flex Champ LED tubing accentuates architectural lines, transforming ordinary structures into captivating works of art, day and night.

Installation and Setup